SE-Corp Adapts


Founded five years ago in a saturated market of event, research and advisory service providers, SE-Corp has always ventured to deliver authentic business insights and outcomes for our delegates, clients and partners.

Since then, many of our competitors have come and gone – traditional companies dropping quality standards and new entrants from adjacent industries targeting niche sectors – but SE-Corp’s advanced offering continues to provide a unique combination of rich, data-driven insights, world class content and great service. However, much of this value was getting lost in the mix, so it was time to dial up the brand’s role in establishing the platform for how SE-Corp puts people and businesses in unique and powerful positions of advantage.


Introducing Adapt Ventures. This simple but powerful new name gets straight to the point of how our business helps people understand and overcome the challenges of our rapidly shifting landscape. Adapt actively embraces change and helps others not simply move with the times but get ahead of the curve through proactive interactions built around the data, drivers and trends that are setting the pace. Adapt ensures people have ‘the edge’, equipping them to intelligently adjust, modify and convert their insights, ideas and efforts amidst a world of constantly shifting mindsets.

We will continue to deliver our range of experiences for C-level executives, and these will now be renamed under the new Edge operating model to communicate the true value of the advantage on offer: CIO Edge, CFO Edge, Cloud & DC Edge, Digital Edge and new Security Edge.