Our Clients

Our Communities of C-level Stakeholders now comprise over 2,000 CFOs, CIOs, IT and Marketing Leaders from across the top 1800 Commercial and Government organisations in SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong) and the top 1000 in Australia & New Zealand. They come from every vertical and praise our services and the learning environments we create for their value, alignment and return on time.

We have over 150 videos across our websites from satisfied C-level participants and Strategic Partners – even more written testimonials – and we truly value their happiness and success.

We are also proud to have a portfolio of over 200 Strategic Partners that regularly use our services. Amongst them are some of the largest global brands, as well as small niche providers – they attest to our quality, professionalism and differentiation – as well as their results.

Please ask your representative for access to these Testimonials and also Case Studies aligned to your vertical.


“They pride themselves on taking on extra work as part of a long-term partnership”

“They truly listen and there’s always attention to detail”

“Others don’t have the same quality control”

“I have a feeling competitors are more interested in taking money”

“At no point do I see it as a revenue generating opportunity… they are genuinely interested”

“I was listened to, not spoken at”

“I definitely see SE Corp employees as strategic advisors not sales people”

“There’s a million things you could sponsor, this is the best one”

“Why go anywhere else when it’s working so well?”

“Getting results. The one-on-ones have a high hit rate.”

“They helped us go through a multimillion dollar deal”

“Seamless execution.”

“Right people, right time, right place”

“Curation, orchestration, engineering… a high calibre of delegates”

“They worked with us to come to a solution… it’s creative problem solving”