The Edge Experiences

The Edge Experiences created by Adapt are platforms and events for peer networking and knowledge sharing of breakthrough ideas, surprising perspectives and strategic light bulb moments. We remain locally relevant whilst giving audiences global insights and a breadth of quality topics from diverse experts – delivered via keynotes, roundtables and boardroom sessions.

Our C-level audiences are about quality, not quantity – all choosing their personalised agendas and orchestrated experiences with five-star comfort and catering. Trusted relationships with end-users combined with understanding of the vendor landscape enable us to assist with sourcing strategies and efficient supplier management through Intelligent matchmaking.

At the heart of each Edge event we focus on the right content, experience, relationships and data.


Harness the collective intelligence of your peers, share best practice, trade war stories with Australasia’s largest IT users and Data Centre eco-system and plan for success.

Upcoming Events:

13-15 March 2018, Gold Coast


CFOs are playing a key role in developing and implementing strategy within their company, partnering with CEOs to creatively design growth opportunities for the future. Do you have the necessary skills to navigate the journey?

Upcoming Events:

9-10 November 2017, Melbourne


The world has changed, organisations are reinventing themselves and consumerisation is changing how we live our lives. Do you have what it takes to transform and lead?

Upcoming Events:

12-13 September 2017, Sydney


The digital economy and real-time connectivity offers customer experience transformation and dramatic operational efficiency gains. The challenge for all stakeholders is how to innovate and embrace change?

Upcoming Events:

May 2018, Sydney