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Digital Ecosystems & The Top Performing CIOs


21st February 2017

15:00 – 18:00

Registration & Check-In for Interstate Guests

16:00 – 18:00

Exclusively hosting the iTnews 2017 Benchmark Awards: “Awarding IT projects that have delivered value”

The 3 CIO nominees for each category explain how they did it in 8 brief open Panel sessions.

  1. Federal Government CIO of the Year
  2. Finance CIO of the Year
  3. Industrial CIO of the Year
  4. Consumer CIO of the Year
  5. Healthcare CIO of the Year
  6. Utilities/Media CIO of the Year
  7. Education CIO of the Year
  8. State & Local Government CIO of the Year

18:00 – 19:00

iTnews Benchmark Awards Cocktail Reception

19:00 – 21:30

iTnews Benchmark Awards Dinner

Category Winners announced & CIO of the Year awarded.


After Party in the Onsite Ru-Co Bar


22nd February 2017

07:30 – 08:00

Registration & Check-In

08:00 – 08:15


Hanno Blankenstein
Founder, unleash aerial

To put you in a unique and powerful position of advantage, we start each Edge Experience with feedback on the pre-event delegate surveys, allowing you to validate your position.

Leaders in the digital economy are more profitable, exceling in their strategic use of data, in digital innovation, creating new business opportunities through platform strategies, and adapting to the changing nature of work and the workplace – where does your organisation sit?

Hanno Blankenstein is an experienced entrepreneur, product and service innovator, business builder and strategy consultant. Hanno incubates and scales digital businesses for growth businesses globally. Hanno serves on various Boards, is the Founder of unleash aerial, an autonomous vehicle platform business, served as a Partner and Managing Director of the BCG Digital Ventures Asia business and was joint CEO of the award-winning strategic design firm S&C, which was acquired by BCG in 2014.

08:15 – 09:15


Global Guest Speaker: Peter Weill
Senior Research Scientist & Chairman, MIT CISR

A “Digital Ecosystem” is an interconnected network of stakeholders bringing mutual value – a standardised, intelligent digital platform strategy to connect businesses to meet your customers’ needs. The potential is a change to society and business itself, and MIT’s most recent findings predict the approach is now the next fundamental evolution of Digital.

The Next Gen Enterprise will meet the complete needs of their customer’s life events. Enterprises will need to become the Go-To destination for their best customers and bring together a digital ecosystem of complementors, and perhaps competitors to deliver on the promise. These Ecosystem are already the top performing businesses today and will lead to structural changes both inside companies and the economy. ‘Share or be left out’.

Peter will conclude with the four possible pathways to achieve the digital business transformation necessary to become a next gen enterprise and what it take to lead this kind of change.

  • How to be the Go-To destination for your best customers?
  • Tactics for creating an Ecosystem
  • MIT research and case studies from leading global companies

Meet Peter Weill

Our special guest placed as #24 of the 100 Most Influential People in global IT, and the highest-ranked academic. MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR) conducts field-based research on issues related to how companies will design themselves and manage for success in the digital economy.

Peter Weill chairs CISR, presenting executive and MBA programs on the business value of IT. Weill works regularly on IT issues with corporations and governments and his keynote style is to move around the room, ask questions, have you vote and self-assess – so expect an experience!

09:20 – 09:55


Scott Shaw, Director of Technology, ThoughtWorks Australia

Enterprises facing rapid change and disruption need to experiment and make decisions quickly, but are burdened with legacy IT assets and processes that have accrued through years of siloed investments. But a new IT paradigm is emerging, inspired by successful digital innovators such as Amazon, Salesforce and a host of others transforming into multi-faceted platforms for execution. Is Amazon an online retailer, infrastructure provider or marketplace? Or is it a platform of capabilities that enable a variety of business models and steady flow of innovation?

As appealing as the platform paradigm is, success depends on re-thinking some fundamental IT concepts. A platform is not just an architecture or a set of APIs, but a comprehensive technology strategy that encompasses cloud infrastructure, data management, microservices, continuous delivery, organisational alignment and more. With a platform in place, IT capacity can be funnelled directly to new business ideas and customer initiatives without the friction of coordinating work across technology silos for every change.

This session will outline the underlying principles of platform thinking, the skills that need to be in place to support your transformation, and examples from the banking, retail, and government sectors both in Australia and overseas.

10:00 – 10:30


Charlie Sukkar, Former CTIO, CSR

Three years ago, CSR needed growth and meaning in a competitive market, so the CIO aligned with the MD and pitched the board to embark on one of the biggest change and IT initiatives in their history.

Ahead of the trend, their aim was to create a “Customer Virtuous System” – to increase the frequency and density of customer interactions, and the consistency of their experience – to become a trusted partner and drive attitudinal loyalty.

Now completed: 2000 active and enabled customers invoice $10M online payments monthly via a fully responsive .Net portal and user interface, across a digitised end-to-end customer supply chain process, with massively rationalised enterprise apps, all running on a fully virtualised converged infrastructure and public cloud, and managed by an agile and bi-modal IT team.

  • Rich and practical insights from a CIO, not theory
  • Enabling customer knowledge and social connectedness as the new currency
  • A real Digital Transformation program delivering true customer experience and margins.

10:30 – 10:40

Peer Networking & Refreshments Break

10:40 – 11:30


CIO Workshop # 1

ON-DEMAND TALENT with Dr. Kristine Dery, MIT

The trend towards a more contingent workforce has begun – with an estimated 20% of workers being contract based by 2020. This is particularly evident in IT. Kristine’s research explores the impact of new relationships with talent on the design and management of the modern workplace. Activities such as on-boarding, search, knowledge exchange and leadership are all significantly impacted creating new challenges and opportunities.

  • Planning for the new economy
  • Future of Work with meaning from MIT

CIO Workshop # 2

ENABLING THE AGILE/LEAN ENTERPRISE: A CHALLENGE OF LEADERSHIP with Mirco Hering, Head of DevOps & Agile, Accenture & Nat Tanner, VP, AgileCraft

Developing Change as a core competency is at the heart of an organisations ability to remain relevant and competitive in the evolving landscape. With ever increasing complexity facing technology with the pressure of cost rationalisation and value creation often at odds with existing organisational structures, the role of CIO to lead the creation of end to end value streams that ensure the shortest possible product lead time, investment transparency and the need for adaptable and aligned resources is key to Business Agility.

  • Agile/Lean Transformation; a journey not an end-state
  • Success Patterns in Building Trust and Transparency
  • Value realisation through value stream alignment

11:40 – 12:40


Get the Edge Roundtable #1

CREATING COLLABORATIVE ECOSYSTEMS moderated by Forrester’s John Brand, inspired by Informatica

Enterprises that use data as a strategic asset innovate faster, sell more and do so with higher returns. But most are constrained by people, process and politics. Who has overcome these barriers and what can we learn from them? Come join our roundtable to discuss enterprises that create collaborative ecosystems that deliver insights and innovation from their staff and partners.

Get the Edge Roundtable #2

BLOCKCHAIN FOR THE ENTERPRISE moderated by OVUM’s Kevin Noonan, with Nitin Gaur, IBM Blockchain Labs

This session uncovers the promise of blockchain for the enterprise. Blockchain technology can be used to record virtually anything of value – your identity, a will, a deed, or almost any type of secure transfer of information. Disintermediation and disruption is the investment magnet for blockchain-related ideas, underpinned by peer-to-peer and crowdsourcing models; Blockchain promises an explosion in trade, ownership, and trust between businesses and individuals. In his presentation, Nitin will present how IBM is working to reimagine business networks across industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, supply chains and IoT.

Get the Edge Roundtable #3

BEYOND THE MOBILE PHONE – PUTTING THE REAL INTO REALITY moderated by Tech Research Asia’s Tim Dillon, inspired by Samsung Electronic Australia

We are on the cusp of the third iteration of business mobility. Companies were quick to embrace BYOD and other device strategies. Then MDM…then MIM…then MAM and eventually hardware-level integrated security. Things became a little ‘me-too’ at that point. Companies realised one-size does not fit all and generic device solutions are the enemy of growth. We continue to seek value through mobilisation of business processes …Which brings us to the near future where Virtual Reality, Wearables and IoT solutions offer meaningful innovation. This roundtable will provide practical insights and customer examples of how organisations planned and executed strategies in these areas as well as share findings from Samsung’s latest market research report on Australian enterprise mobility strategies.

12:40 – 13:30

Peer Networking Lunch

13:30 – 14:30


Peter Weill, Senior Research Scientist & Chairman, MIT CISR

Top class CIOs have built up strong teams to run IT and digital operations, enabling them to spend more time with customers and their business peers, and looking at innovation. MIT have reviewed which companies have delivered the best financial performance relative to their peers, and then interviewed their CIOs to assess what do they do differently to achieve these results? Four key practices have emerged which Peter will discuss, and ask you to self-assess how you compare.

14:30 – 15:00


Kevin Noonan, Lead Analyst, OVUM

As global head of Government research for Ovum, Kevin has travelled extensively and engaged with dozens of leading CIOs – and see clear issues around cultural changes and challenges in the context of digital transformation. Not many organisations have nailed this, and it presents one of the biggest challenges for organisations in order to get the real benefits from digital transformation programs.

15:00 – 15:30


Andrew Powell, Managing Director, Rimini Street

CIOs are constantly pushed to leverage new technologies and drive business transformation. But about 89% of IT budgets are spent with megavendors in maintaining current ERP systems. Join us to hear directly from a leading CIO, who has made the switch to Rimini Street, on how to tip the balance between innovation and “lights-on” mix and redirect funds to drive business growth.

15:30 – 15:40

Peer Networking & Refreshments Break

15:40 – 16:25

5 x “POD” Sessions (“Practical Open Discussion”) in private rooms for groups of 15-25. Choose the most aligned:

POD # 1: Transform Your IT Team into Digital Innovators – with Andrew McGee, Senior Technologist, Huawei Technologies

The modern CIO is expected to contribute to the business in a multiple of ways, including driving innovation and digitization. We look at the challenge of transforming traditional IT teams from being caretakers of technology to being true digital innovators who contribute real value back to the business. Explore modern tools, methodologies and architectures, such as Industry Cloud, DevOps, Converged and Virtualised infrastructure and the importance of failing fast. Join our open discussion with industry peers and experts and hear how Huawei is contributing back to industry with open solutions in these areas.

POD # 2: Future of Work with Ashok Krish, Head Social Media & Workplace Reimagination, Tata Consultancy Services

This talk will look at the effect of Digital disruption on the future of the workplace, particularly the intersection of mobile, social, cloud and Artificial Intelligence on the future of work in different industries. It will look at the changing nature of Human resources in the light of robotic automation and crowdsourcing/collective intelligence and how pervasive collaboration between both employees and machines and sensors will radically reimagine every job role in the near future

POD # 3: CIOs – How to get your money from your CFO with Ernest Stabek, ACS Victoria Branch Executive Committee/Chair Government Relations Committee, Australian Computer Society

CIOs – How to stop being afraid of the CFO and instead transform them into a champion for your business case. CIOs are responsible for building new, agile platforms, delivering innovative applications rapidly, helping to create new revenue streams and more – while at the same time finding cost efficiencies and securing sensitive business data on one hand while simultaneously enabling more data analytics to unlock more business insights and value. All this against a backdrop of rapidly changing business and IT environments , declining budget spend and often lack of influence at the highest levels.

POD # 4: Do you have a Value-Driven Analytics Strategy? With Forrester’s CIO Analyst, John Brand

Business intelligence (BI) technologies have been faithfully serving enterprises with their information needs for more than three decades. However, nothing stands still for long. BI has now evolved into many different forms of advanced analytics, deep learning and even artificial intelligence. So how do you know if you are getting value from these investments? How do you craft an analytics strategy that is both comprehensive enough to serve ever-expanding business expectations and remains value-driven? Join John and your peers for an open dialogue.

POD # 5: Contextual Commerce: What it is, where it’s going and what it means for commerce businesses with Tyson Hackwood, Head of APAC, Braintree, A Paypal Service

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen the rapid rise of two phenomenon that have changed the way people interact all over the world – the birth of social networks and the rise of e-commerce.  Today, technology is beginning to intertwine these worlds even more as we see them converge into the future of buying – contextual commerce.

I see a table, gadget or holiday on Pinterest, I click and buy it, without leaving Pinterest.   I’m organising a meet up with friends on Messenger, I order my uber directly in Messenger.  Creating seamless buying experiences by connecting sellers/services with buyers on the platforms they’re using isn’t coming, it’s already here.  But what does this mean for traditional e-commerce retailers, and what do they need to do to adapt?

16:30 – 17:20



  • Peter Weill, MIT CISR
  • Claire Bourke, GM Technology, Chief Customer Office & Trusted Services, Australia Post
  • Hilda Clune, CIO, PwC
  • Robert Wilson, CTO & GM Technology, Strategy & Architecture, Westpac
  • Theresa Cunnington, User Experience Principal, ThoughtWorks

In a recent MIT survey, senior executives were asked, “What is the biggest, most important breakthrough project you are doing to change your company?”. Answers fell into two key areas where businesses were making dramatic changes to compete and make money in the digital economy: business design and customer understanding. Companies must understand their customers, solve their needs, and try to amplify their voice and engagement. So how do you get the Edge in creating frictionless customer experiences?

17:20 – 18:15

CIO Edge presents: “THE SHARK TANK” as leading CXOs judge the latest Australian Tech Start-ups

Lead by Trey Zagante, Founder, Venturetec


  • Paul Russell, CTO, Yahoo!7
  • Sami Yalavac, CIO, Bupa Australia
  • Robert Wilson, CTO & GM Technology, Strategy and Architecture, Westpac
  • Amanda Johnston-Pell, CMO, Chief of Startups & Board Director, IBM ANZ

Our popular Shark Tank session returns with 4 start-ups across different domains (Data and analytics, IT security, IoT) pitching to an expert judging panel of sharks. This is an opportunity for CIO’s to get visibility of innovative start-ups, trends and potential disruptions across different industry sectors or technology domains.

18:15 – 19:00

VIP Cocktail Reception

19:00 – 21:30

Peer Networking Dinner with Live Jazz Quartet “Chameleon”

After a solid day of content, time to reflect, meet and network with peers over a fantastic meal and live jazz – to make you think, digest and laugh!


23 February 2017

07:00 – 08:00

Breakfast for onsite guests (check out and leave bags with concierge)

08:00 – 09:00


Colin James, Co-Founder, Principle Facilitator, Coach, Speaker Program & Content Designer, Author and Educator, Colin James Method

Good leaders create good followers and good followers create good leaders. Sounds kind of obvious right? Leadership is evidently theoretically easy, hence there are tens of thousands of books on the subject. Of course it’s more complex than reading a book or article. What constitutes excellent leadership?

Does the answer lie in focusing on ‘Followership’? Followership challenges both Leaders in organisations (how to be a better leader) and employees (how to be a better ‘follower’).

  • Understand the definition of Followership
  • The 3 key reasons Followers follow and the 3 reasons they will stop
  • How to build authentic leaders that compel Followership
  • How to install a culture of Followership through the principle of Professional Employee

09:00 – 09:30


Nick Smith, MD ANZ, Informatica

Jack Ma likens his group of companies to ants in that he believes an army of ants collaborating will conquer any challenge, whilst teaching us about purpose, collaboration, and focus. With this philosophy Alibaba has successfully been using data as a strategic asset to deliver a differentiated customer experience for millennials and beyond. As such they have also become the World’s largest retailer, delivering true multi-channel experiences (not singular) and leap frogging traditional organisations with their siloed thinking.

  • The importance of building collaborative ecosystems
  • How to leverage the strategic value of data
  • Building an information elite culture

09:35 – 10:35


Get the Edge Roundtable #4

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION| AWS CLOUD ROUNTABLE  moderated by Tech Research Asia’s Tim Dillon with Amazon Web Services

Cloud technology provides a platform for growth in a rapidly changing world. It rewards innovators with lower cost, rapid innovation cycles and revenue growth opportunities. Join the AWS Cloud roundtable and learn how leading brands such as Qantas, Woodside, PWC, GE use Cloud technology to innovate the customer experience, maximise Big Data insights and accelerate innovation.

Get the Edge Roundtable #5


With the proliferation of smart devices, connected sensors and a constant and insatiable need for data-driven insights, IT has moved from back office functionality to C-suite strategy.

Companies must out-innovate, out-think and out-pace their competition. To accomplish this, Digital Transformation is the nirvana for our customers today. The challenge is, most organisations were not born in the “Digital Age”. They bring legacy systems and legacy operating models that constrain and keep them from achieving what might be possible. Dell EMC believes the best way for customers to jump start this necessary shift to Digital Transformation is through IT Transformation.

Organisations need to optimise IT by Modernising, Automating and Transforming the technologies, people and processes they have in place today. They can then begin to transform from traditional IT models to IT as a Service, built on flexible, scale-out platforms that deliver transformative value to their business. Making this shift has proven to lower the overall operational costs for IT by as much as 24%, which frees up budget which can be shifted to fuel Digital Transformation.

Join Dell EMC at this roundtable to discuss how by leveraging Dell EMC’s simplified & turnkey platforms, your organisation will benefit from predictable outcomes that deliver: improved time to value of new IT services, optimise your datacenter to drive new models of efficiencies and increase the speed of business and enable innovation through technology.

Get the Edge Roundtable #6

SECURING THE MODERN APPLICATION LED ENTERPRISE moderated by Forrester’s John Brand, inspired by VMware

How do you tackle today’s application and data security hazards in this era of fast, “agile” application development? Enterprises today face a monumental challenge in ensuring viable services and data security. When you move you applications to the cloud, are you outsourcing or just relocating risk? Join your peers to discuss in an open forum, how leading organisations are building prudent security practices from infrastructure, to applications, to software development patterns and getting themselves ready for any cloud. Hear from VMware on initiatives around public cloud, infrastructure-as-code and a new project to reinforce behaviour based on an application manifest.

10:35 – 10:45

Peer Networking & Refreshments Break

10:45 – 11:25


Steve Godbee, CIO Services Leader ANZ, IBM Australia

Digital business models are disrupting virtually every industry and profession. Leaders will be determined by how they use cloud, data and cognitive systems to deliver new client experiences, gain fresh insights and enhance human expertise. Cognitive Business can take that transformation even further by coupling digital business with digital intelligence – to turn insight into knowledge – resulting in a cognitive business that can think in whole new ways.

Join IBM A/NZ’s CIO, Steve Godbee, as he discusses the disruptive power of Cognitive Business, using examples from IBM’s journey and that of our clients.

11:25 – 12:00


Susan Sly, Director, Lueur

Businesses bought cloud and the IT industry talks about services. So why are IT companies still working with clients like they have bought products? Integrated transition planning and genuine understanding of the outcomes needed can build robust and long lasting relationships, but are we positioning technology companies to work like this?

12:00 – 12:45


Lead by Hanno Blankenstein, Founder, unleash aerial


  • Steve Hodgkinson, CIO, Director Digital, Department of Health & Human Services
  • Sendur Kathir, CIO, Public Transport Victoria
  • Julie Bale, CIO, Latitude Financial Services

Hanno and our panel of CIOs bring together the core themes of the 2 days, with clear and practical examples and advice on the takeaways to harness and drive back to your organisation, workplace and career. Always interactive with real insights – we also engage our audience for their participation and opinion.

12:45 – 13:00

 Closing Remarks & Prize Draw

13:00 – 14:00

Farewell Networking Buffet Lunch