Adapt is an authentic and bespoke provider of quality services that connect the right people at the right time. Our deep intelligence of the end user, analyst and vendor communities gives the true picture from all angles, and then as intermediary we efficiently connect the pieces – far more than an ‘events company’, we give you the Edge.

People and businesses


Our intelligence, curated experiences and collective expertise helps individuals grow and companies win.

Unique and powerful

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Our data is rich, and its impact untold. Because we distil it to meet specific needs, it’s specific to individuals and businesses.

Positions of advantage


We put our customers in the box seat to both realise and unlock their true potential with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


We curate and gather world class content, peers and opportunity for C-suite leaders of Enterprise and Government to network, learn, engage and save time. Personalised agendas and orchestrated experiences with five-star comfort and catering.

Breakthrough ideas, surprising perspectives and strategic epiphanies. Quality topics from diverse leaders – local and global insights via conferences, roundtables and boardroom sessions.

Our C-level audiences are about quality, not quantity – sharing word of mouth, war stories and best practice.

Trusted relationships and understanding of the vendor landscape assists sourcing strategies and efficient supplier management, connecting the right people at the right time.


As experts in needs analysis and content strategy, we can help you access and generate revenues from white space and existing accounts via ranging methods which deliver account contact, intelligence, customer influence, sales efficiency and shortened sales cycles.

We work with any brief whether short term, or long – within focused strategic account targets, or developing access and pipeline in new logo and white space accounts.

Via our Edge experiences, orchestrated 1-1 interactions, private Roundtables, Study Tours, or large scale private brand events, we help you target, access, influence and sell to any C-suite or LOB from any account.

We survey over 1,500 C-level executives annually, gathering data and intel on their challenges, pain points, investment priorities and plans, giving you reports, insights and a clear edge to predict demand.

By matching our data on customer demands to your solutions we create win-win interactions that can lead to transactions.

As experts in needs analysis and market access, speaking with the C-suite every day, we know the most compelling content to influence and connect with your target customers and stand out from the noise.

Our trusted relationships with large corporates and government run deep and our database is unmatched, so leverage our skills to populate your events.

Outsource your event creation and we’ll help you build and facilitate meaningful interactions.

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